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About I L A ?

INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE ACADEMY (ILA) is an Educational institute & a visa consultancy based in Marawila & Colombo , Sri Lanka . The primary service we provide is Japanese Language courses for onshore and offshore students. More specifically, we will prepare documents for the Japanese Language School entrance process, apply for visas, and even provide extra services such as arranging accommodation upon arriving in Japan for our customers. Having years of experience in this journey , we understand the struggle that international students go through when it comes to choosing an educational provider. We are there to guide the student in every step of the way and ensure that they do not go through any hustle and bustle.


Japan has developed a distinct, original and unique culture, the base of a glorious civilization. Japanese civilization flourished and redefined a new interest and a great emotional involvement in the arts. Traditional Japanese arts include Ikebana,poetry, performances (bunraku, Kabuki etc To properly understand them, learning the Japanese language, it is a must.It is a great experience and a thoughtfull journey once you reached the professional speaking level.

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